Palazzo Tombesi Trecci - History


Historical residence in Montepulciano

The union of two families, Trecci and Tombesi combines a large Estate, which includes fourteen properties located in the best areas of ​​Montepulciano. There is Apostoli, the large, unrestored building at the foothill of the city which was originally a Franciscan convent - as the old chapel within its walls reminds us. A second property, Zoccoli, was also originally a convent and contained a vast collection of ceramics by Della Robbia, now displayed in the town’s museum.

Then there are the majority of properties in the Valardegna’s land with its abundant vineyards and olive trees, San Bartolomeo with its homonymous church, the farmhouses of Pera and Perina, and the beautiful country villa previously owned by the Tombesi-Trecci family and now tastefully restored by the new proprietors. All of these are enchanting places, with a view that disappears into the horizon between the hillsides and the ploughed fields that make Tuscany and Siena world-famous places.

The territory and its crops have remained unchanged over the centuries. The only change ensues from the colours of the land which alter the landscape throughout the different seasons. Country festivals and fayre keep the memory of this land’s history alive.

Those born in this part of the world will always keep an indelible image in their minds of the colours of the sunsets and the swirling scents of the countryside in the different seasons: the hay in springtime, the wildflower broom in May, the grapes and ploughed land in September. Our heritage and nostalgia will always bring us back to this land.

Staying in Palazzo Tombesi, even for just one day, will allow you to become part of this land and will give you new emotions. You will never forget it.